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Seal Oil

For a long period, scientists noted the fact that, despite being deprived of fruits and vegatables in the past, Inuit would stay very healthy.

In 1930, Burr and Burr discover the crucial role that plays fatty acids in human health (3).


Most Omega-3 available on the market contain only two types of fatty acids: éicosapentanoïc  acid (EPA or timnodonic) and docosahexanoïc (DHA ou cervonic).

Seal oil also contains the very important docosapentanoïc acid (DPA).

  • DPA acts as a catalyst for EPA and improve 10 times its efficiency to repare damaged tissus.

  • Globally, DPA stimulates the efficiency of the two other fatty acids (EPA et DHA).

  • DPA is more efficient than the two others in reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases.

DPA is essential to human health, but the body cannot produce it naturally other than with breast milk. Seal oil is one the the rare natural sources of DPA sustainably available in nature.

Total Ocean offers two high quality products

Peau de phoque gris
Peau de phoque du Groenland

Grey Seal

Harp Seal

Seal Skin

We receive our raw skin directly from our hunters, trained according to the highest industry standards. Once the blubber separated from the skin, we treat our seal skin according to our customers instructions before we send them for further processing in tanneries.

As Grey Seals are staying in the Gulf of St-Laurent all year around, we receive mostly those skins, but around March, depending on ice and weather conditions, Harp Seal skins will also be available.

Once tanned, each skin will show different distinctive patterns as shown in the images below:

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