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Impacts négatifs de la prédation du phoque sur l'écosystème marin du Golfe St-Laurent

Impacts of grey seals on fish populations in Eastern Canada (DFO), 2010.

Seal-cod interactions on the Eastern Scotian Shelf : Reconsideration of modelling assumptions (Dr O’Boyle et Sinclair), 2011

Evaluating the potential for grey seal predation to explain elevated natural mortality in three fish species in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence (H. Benoit, D. Swain, D. Bowen, G. Breed, M. Hammill, V. Harvey), 2011

State-of-the-Ocean Report for the Gulf of St.Lawrence Integrated Management – (GOSLIM) Area -  (H. Benoit, J. Gagné, C. Savenkoff, P. Ouellet, M.-N. Bourassa)  MPO, 2012.

The Sustainable Managemet of Grey Seal Populations: A path toward the recovery of cod and other groundfish stocks (Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans), 2012

Feeding by grey seals on endangered stocks of Atlantic cod and white hake (M. Hammill, G. Stenson, D. Swain, H. Benoit, 2014).

Eastern Scotian Shelf trophic dynamics: A review of the evidence  for diverse hypothesis (M. Sinclair, M. Power, E. Head,  W. Li, M. McMahon,  R. Mohn, R. Boyle, D. Swain, J. Tremblay, 2015).



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